About SZS

About SZS

IMG_3853SuZSie ShitZombiesSay™ is a fictional character created by Rebecca A. Frierson, a professional writer and digital mediatrix.  SuZSie first appeared on Twitter on Oct. 24, 2012 when she tweeted, “Live music is nice but I wanna go to a #Halloween2012 party with LIVE FOOD. ”. She’s been telling the world what zombies think and say ever since.

Although SuZSie is relatively new and fresh on the zombie scene, she is considered an established entity on Twitter. She’s blown past the 30,000 tweets mark in less than 8 months and engages with zombie and horror fans worldwide. She’s a rare zombie that tweets in English, occasionally French, and once Swedish so it’s no surprise that she has a global reach with significant fan bases in the UK (18%), France, Canada, Sweden and the US.

When she’s not working on her book, 1001 Things Zombies SaySuZSie averages six hours a day on social media engaging with influencers passionate about zombies, horror, music, travel, writing, social media, cooking, photography, and surviving the zombie apocalypse. Wanna talk zombies with SuZSie? Send her a Tweet. You’ll probably catch her gabbing day or night with that English clown @DukeHuge (founder of @HorrorSquadWW), trading bad poetic tweets with @MadCrazyZombie, talking zombie science with @Necropology, or hanging with her #BadAss gal pal / supernatural author @Cat_ONine. Watch for SuZSie to share more Twitter handles when she posts her list of @ShitZombiesSay ‘s Tastiest Followers later this month. Or you can check the list now on her Twitter account. It’s a Who’s Who of zombie glitterati, global gore-hounds, and some of the funniest tweople on the planet.

Not a Tweeter? No problem. Follow SuZSie on Facebook, foursquare, and all those other social media platforms you see in the icons on the left of the page.

Wanna join SuZSie’s #BiteClub? It’s easy now that Facebook has added hashtags so it could be cool like Twitter and foursquare. Anytime you’re talking #zombies in a tweet, post, or check-in, use #BiteClub. If you want to be OFFICIAL, add it to your bio. It’s how recognize our kind. ;-)

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Shit Zombies Say...

Shit Zombies Say…

  • Any info on the Shit Zombies Say book? Updates?

  • Bwains

    Stuffed Pizza Skulls: http://www.hungryhappenings.com/2013/10/Halloween-recipe-stuffed-pizza-skulls.html

  • Gobble, gobble!

  • From the looks of the sky, the #ZombieApocalypse seemed impending last night ... darn! Missed it AGAIN!

  • https://www.facebook.com/zombiefighter.jango/posts/1434970950057435

  • Shit Zombies Say: We were not slain but raised Raised not to life But to be buried twice By men of strife What rest could the living have? When the dead have none? Agree amongst ye: Here we ten are one This is an epitaph from the Dorset town of Christchurch, Dorset, England, where I live, you know, but I thought this epitaph would neatly fit zombies!

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