Abandoned mall for sale. Is it really a good place to hide from zombies?

Hiding in an abandoned mall?  Get used to looking at this while you starve to death.
Hiding in an abandoned mall? Get used to looking at this while you starve to death.

I’ve been getting sent this article about an abandoned mall in St. Louis.  I’ve already written about other structures that were up for sale that may be ideal for surviving the apocalypse (a prison and an underground train station), so I guess that’s why people are sending me the story about the mall.

For the love of god, all of you.  What possessed you to think an abandoned mall would be a good base of operations?

For every possible structure there are pros and cons.  What is the pro that makes everybody think of a mall?  Supplies, right?  There is food, sporting goods, a firearms store if you’re lucky, etc.  So before we get into any other considerations, because the mall is abandoned you’ve already lost the biggest pro of making a dash for a mall.

However, all the negatives are still in place.  Any place that wants to sell you something wants you to be able to see inside which means lots of glass on the outside, and glass ranks between hope and a strong breeze in its ability to keep intruders out.  Yeah, there are those rickety gates you can pull down which might deter a thief who worries about getting seen if he spends too much time trying to break in.  But when you’re up against zombies, which can beat on it and throw themselves into it constantly, it will eventually come loose.  What’s more, if you’re on the other side, where are you going to run once you’re blocked in at your only exit?

It does have one advantage though!  People will be interested in a place with resources (which is why malls and grocery stores are so appealing).  Without any resources there, you at least won’t have to interact with the human element much.

Forget the abandoned mall.  There will be plenty of abandoned buildings that will serve you much better.