US government selling an optimal zombie hideaway for a cool $390,000.

Let’s imagine that after the plague of all time is unleashed that you, like most other people, are trapped in some sort of city.  The roads are clogged because people panicked and crashed, and the resulting traffic jams became permanent as the zombies caught up to the stationary vehicles.  Where in the city do you go?

Do you go to the upscale parts?  After all, because those people tend to own lots of expensive things, they’ll probably have all kinds of security, right?  While that’s technically correct, it’s not the type of security you want.  A millionaire and a person making minimum wage both value their televisions, but the millionaire will likely rely on cosmetic security: alarms, cameras, ways to contact the authorities, etc.  These things will as useless as throwing bullets at a target.

Extremely poor neighborhoods rely on garish, unsightly security like fences and bars.  These things will be extremely useful.  Also, the counter intuitive nature of heading for the slums means you’re not likely to encounter as many people which, in a situation of mass panic, is a huge plus.

So what if you could have all the perks of basic security with all the facilities required to survive comfortably for some time?  Now you can, since the Camp Georgetown Correctional Facility, just 35 miles from central Syracuse, is being sold by the government on the cheap.  A mere $390,000 will net you this phenomenal property.

Your own, personal ghetto. It blends high-tech and low-tech in just the right amounts.

There are a ton of pros to this prison has a hideaway.  The first is obvious: security.  Prisons are not only designed not to let anybody out, they’re also designed to keep unwanted people from coming in.  You get a perimeter fence, but you also get a lot of buildings with minimal windows and plenty of bars.

You also get two gymnasiums for keeping your body in survival shape.

It comes with a 150,000 gallon elevated water tank.  An elevated water tank is ideal for surviving the zombies, because not only does it use limited to no electricity, it was designed to operate independently of other water sources.  From the wikipedia:

By design a water tank or container should do no harm to the water. Water is susceptible to a number of ambient negative influences, including bacteria, viruses, algae, changes in pH, and accumulation of minerals, accumulated gas. The contamination can come from a variety of origins including piping, tank construction materials, animal and bird feces, mineral and gas intrusion. A correctly designed water tank works to address and mitigate these negative effects.

A safety based news article linked copper poisoning from a plastic tank. The article indicated that rainwater was collected and stored in a plastic tank and that the tank did nothing to mitigate the low Ph. The water was then brought into homes with copper piping, the copper was released by the high acid rainwater and caused poisoning in humans. It is important to note that while the plastic tank is an inert container, it has no effect on the incoming water. Good practice would be to analyze any water source periodically and treat accordingly, in this case the collected acid rain should be analyzed, and ph adjusted before being brought into a domestic water supply system.

If the zombie virus is spread by some means other than by bites and scratches, having your own isolated water source is a survivalist’s wet dream.

The facility also has it’s own power supply in the form of 10 petrol storage tanks.  It was designed to house 200 people, but you won’t be using nearly those resources.  Consider for a moment that the prison was designed, among other things, to run flood lights on 38 acres of land every single night.  You won’t be doing that.  But you can use the internet for as long as it holds out to acquire information and you can store plenty of food as well as freeze whatever meat you acquire and even cook it.

There’s even multiple levels in some of the main buildings allowing you to destroy the means to reach them save for a ladder that you will retract when hiding.  The facility itself is nestled among 98,000 acres of state forest land.  Should you need to evacuate, you can escape in infinite directions in ideal terrain.

Of course, no location is perfect.  With 38 buildings you may spread yourself kind of thin keeping tabs on everything.  But don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good!  As far as home bases go, you won’t do much better.

So…who has $390,000?

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