Watch Out for Sharp Things: Axes and Zombie Defense

Prepper with Ax (scary)

Last week, I discussed how, as a zombie, you can defend yourself against a baseball bat – the cheap, readily-available melee weapon of choice for many preppers.

However, there’s many other melee weapons that live large in preppers’ imaginations – chainsaws, katanas, and axes.

Axes are much tougher than baseball bats because they’re sharp. Even rusty axes have a cutting edge and can slice through rotting flesh. Smaller axes, along with tomahawks, can be thrown. Axes have uses aside from killing the undead, like chopping wood for fires or underbrush to make woodland crossings easier.

And, in a post-apocalyptic world, hardware stores and knife shops can be easily raided for weapons, so axes might become just as easy to find as baseball bats. Axes will be in high demand.

Fortunately, self-defense training for baseball bats can work in your favor, as defense against ax attacks is very similar:

According to Judo For Self-Defense:

“It’s important to understand well that ax is not a knife or a stick or a baton. Therefore, blocking techniques developed for defense from those types of weapon aren’t directly applicable for the defense against ax attack. Using Krav Maga intuitive blocking (otherwise effective against knife or stick attack) may result in ax failing out of assailant’s hand and stacking directly into you back. When training ax defense blocks you must to take yourself out of the ax trajectory ether when controlled by assailant or when in a freefall.”

Axes are not very concealable weapons, so as a zombie, you will be able to spot a prepper wielding one. You can easily move to the back of the horde and allow the first wave or two to suffer blows for you. If you’re lucky, one of the first zombies will be struck with the ax and the weapon will become stuck in his/her head – then the prepper will have to resort to other means of self-defense, if it has any.

Remember, to keep self-defense techniques readily available to you when you become a zombie, it is important to take the classes now, before you transition – that way, when you become a zombie, the moves will have become instinct.

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